Riding the bus

I suppose if you need to ride the bus, rather than want to ride, it makes a world of difference. For me, it gets me out of the house, which makes Joannie happy, gives me something to do, which makes me happy, and lets people see me, which I’m assuming makes the world happy. On one of my routes, there is a topless bar called, “Flesh Showgirls”.. not a great name, but at least it’s descriptive of what you can expect. Joannie says I should stop and check it out and I may one day, but I haven’t yet. On the side of the building is a sign that reads, “Lunch Special – Chicken Sandwich and Fries, $5.00” I wonder if a lot of people in the area say, “Let’s go to Showgirls for lunch… the chicken sandwich is just wonderful!” Anyway, the problem is, now all those $5 meal deals seem to pale in comparison… Let’s see, I can get a chicken sandwich, fries, and see boobies… It’s really hard for the Burger King to compete with that..

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