Strangers on a Bus

Okay, here’s something that happened a while back, but I’ve been asked for some of my bus adventures, God knows why, but it’s too late, here it comes.

A lady got on the bus and sat across the isle from me, and I noticed two things. First, she seemed to be foreign. I can’t quite say why, but she had a Europeanish look. Maybe it was the way she dressed, or held her purse, I can’t really say, I just mentally tagged her as ‘foreign’. The second thing was, she had huge boobs. That one was easier to pin down, it had a lot to do with her gianormous hooters.

So anyway, I notice that she’s noticing my fingernails and smiling, and after a bit she leans across the isle and says in halting English… “I am… enjoying…. your… tits!” I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve had that particular compliment, so I wasn’t really sure how to respond. “Same here” would have been honest, but probably not what was called for, so I just blinked. Then I blinked again.

She noticed I was perplexed and tried to clarify… “Your… feengar tits”.. “OHHH, Tips! Finger tips,” I corrected, and she smiled and said yes, yes, feengar tips! Then we had a short English lesson about finger tips vs. fingernails and she seemed happy to have made a new American friend and I was happy to have looked at her tips so we both had a nice story to take home.

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