Merry Christmas Jesus, AND Happy Birthday!

Having a birthday on or around Christmas sucks.

I’m sure when the wise men brought presents to Jesus they told him, “Okay, these count for Christmas AND your birthday!” And so it goes, down through the ages.

Being a day after Birthday, I always got this instruction on Christmas morning. “Don’t open that one, that one is for your Birthday tomorrow.”

Now I don’t want to sound ungrateful, I got a lot of nice stuff when I was a kid, and I’ve got all I want or need now, it’s not like I’m hurting for stuff. It just would have been nice to have a month or so between events, that’s all I’m saying. So if you’re a parent, or planning on being one, look at the calendar and do some math.

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One Response to Merry Christmas Jesus, AND Happy Birthday!

  1. melton04 says:

    Oh, let me tell you though… Christopher’s birthday is in January and we spent all the money on Christmas so he gets the shaft anyway 🙂