Mother Tweetin’ Idiots

The main problem with the Internet is, there is no entrance exam to use the damn thing.

Now I’m not a big tweeter, or twitter, or twittererer… or whatever the tweet it is, but occasionally I’ll look at the trending topics. That’s how I first heard about Mary Travers dying for example, so it can be a useful information tool.

If you want a safe sucker bet, bet that someone will post in a trending topic, “Who or what is (fill in the topic)?” First off, you tweet-hole, most trending topics have an explanation at the top of the search. But in the cases where it isn’t; is that a computer in front of you, or are you just an idiot? Ever hear of Google? That’s the perfect place to fill in the gaps of your wasted public education and stop filling cyberspace with examples of your room temp IQ.

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