Little Pet Shop of Horrors

Yesterday I needed to get some stuff for Boots so I stop by PetCo. I’ve never been in that particular one before, and not knowing exactly what I was going to buy, I grabbed a cart just to be safe. I look for the cat section, and towards the back of the store is a large sign reading, “Cat”. Well that was pretty helpful. So I start off pushing my cart, checking out the rest of the store on the way. I’m walking through the “Small Animal” section, and I spot a cage of mice or gerbils, or some such rodent, when at that very moment, my cart brakes to a halt. As if something was hopelessly snarled and mangled in the wheel. Something small, something soft, something perhaps… furry.

My mind jumps forward in time about 3.2 seconds and sees a tiny girl that looks forever like Cindy Lou Who (don’t ask me why, my mind has it’s own reasons) and she’s wailing hysterically, “Mister Whiskers! You killed Mister Whiskers! Oh Mommy, why did that man kill Mister Whiskers!” And of course the whole store is booing me, throwing cans of dog food and pelting me with collars and leashes.

Thankfully, at that moment my mind returned to reality and Mister Whiskers was safe. Indeed nothing seemed stuck in my wheel at all; just a typical crappy shopping cart wheel that stuck all by itself.

It’s not easy being me.

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