Fingernails – Update

my nails
Yeah, I paint my nails. I don’t really remember why I did the first time, but I like it. I get a small feeling of accomplishment when I do a good job, and I don’t do a lot these days, and those feelings are hard to come by. I realize some may think I’m gay, but I really don’t care. For what it matters, I’m pretty sure the requirements for being gay are a bit more restrictive than painting your nails.. They can be downright insistent in fact. In any case, to me it’s the same as people assuming I’m right handed… In fact, I’m left handed, but there’s nothing offensive about it either way. I do suppose I enjoy being noticed a little, and most that say anything at all seem to like my nails, so it’s giving people a smile or a laugh and I like that too.

Update: I’m getting lots of questions about the color I use. It’s China Glaze brand, color is “Frostbite”. I get it at Sally’s Beauty Supply and if you go there, buy the discount card. It cost $5 but you get a coupon for $5 and the savings during the year are more than worth it.

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