I’m nothing if not accommodating

A few people have asked me to make my posts easier to share on other networks. God knows why, but no accounting for taste I guess. Anywho, I’ve added a few icon thingies below the posts, one for Facebook, Twitter, and favorites. You just click the one you want and magically it goes to your home page or something. Now here’s the deal. There are about a million and five other icons I could add, but most of them I don’t use, and about half I’ve never heard of and suspect they are just made up. I’ll add them for you on a case by case basis,*IF* you write me and ask for the ones you want. Don’t just say ‘add them all’, because I’m not doing that. Reference above, there are a zillion of those things. It would take more screen space than the post. So there you are. You’re welcome.

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