Adopting Puppies

Nobody ever claimed that I was the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I can tell you I’m not the dullest either. A while back, one of my friends bought a Shar Pei puppy. That’s one of those wrinkled dogs that looks like he has a small dog in an extra large skin. Cute or ugly, you can get about the same votes either way, but this pile of skin cost my friend $1,500. And because of those skin folds, you have to treat them like babies, washing them daily, powdering their folds, etc. And to top that off, he had to sign a contract in which he promised he would never breed the dog to any non approved dog, that he would indeed breed the dog, and that the dog would be available for inspections by the breeding association. I’ve known people to adopt babies without that much attention afterwards.
So here’s my plan. One of these days my friend will go on vacation, and he’ll ask me to watch the dog. When he does, I’m going to get a dog of the same color, only one that looks like a… well, like a dog.. And when friend gets home, I’ll tell him, “Hey, it took me all day, but I washed your dog in hot water and ironed him, and got all those dang wrinkles out!”
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