Little known facts

An episode for “The Andy Griffith Show” that was suggested but never developed finally introduces Juanita, the waitress at the diner that even Barney could get a date with when Thelma Lu wasn’t available. The story reveals that Juanita has a rap sheet for several prostitution and check kiting convictions, and she tries to blackmail Barney by telling him she is pregnant. Andy saves the day after he reminds Barney that he would have actually had to have sex with Juanita to knock her up. In a subplot, Opie sells pictures from Aunt Bee’s family album door to door.


During taping of the first episode of TJ Hooker, a prop man replaced William Shatner’s pistol with a Type II hand phaser. No one noticed the substitution until, during a bank robbery scene, an actor was severely stunned. Four hours of taping had to be redone, and the prop man was fired. The stunned actor made a full recovery.


In the movie, “The Wizard of Oz”, the part of Toto was played by a calico cat named Mister Wiggles. It took 3 hours to get him in costume and makeup each day, and a vocal coach worked with him on barking. Although his performance was deemed spectacular, producers and directors throughout the industry considered him typecast to only play dog roles. Disillusioned, Wiggles never acted again.


In 1794 Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. Shortly thereafter, he invented the cotton martini, but it never gained popularity.

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