At the Supermarket

I was at the supermarket buying some things a few years ago, and I had one of those membership cards to save money, but when I signed up for the card,  I used a phony name and address because I don’t want to be on their mailing list and get my mail box stuffed with coupons and ads. I was also wearing a name tag from my former business with my real name on it, and I was using my girlfriend’s debt card to make the purchase. So the girl rings up the purchase, and looks at the name on the card receipt, then the name on the store card printout, and then my name tag. She looks puzzled and says, “Uh, you have three names.” And she looks at me, with that look that says, ‘I’m waiting for an explanation, and it better be a good one, Pal!’

I just take my receipts and said with a smile and a chuckle, “Oh, I have LOTS more names than that!” and walked out.

Sometimes, life can be very entertaining.

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