Really crappy day

Some days the idiots are amusing, others, like today, I want to shoot them in the head with a nail gun and then go back in time and bitch slap their parents before they spawn their evil devil seed in the first place.

I’m on the bus, and because it’s getting crowded, I do the right thing and shove over next to the window so someone can sit next to me, if needed.  So some idiot woman gets on, and although she really didn’t need to, she passed up a perfectly empty seat and sits her ass down next to mine. Okay, that’s fine. Then a few more seats open up, and she still sits there, me cramped up next to the window, my back and leg hurting like they are on fire.

Finally, we get to my stop, and I ring the bell to get off, and when the bus stops, instead of standing up and giving me room to move, she turns her body to the side, so I have a whole 6 inches of room to squeeze past her.  So I maneuver and twist my body, trying to not tromp all over her, an act of generosity I’m soon to regret, because once I hit the air outside I realize my ass is all wet from something this idiot let leak on the seat, and I’m hoping to God it’s water but I’m not betting the farm on it.

How freakin’ hard is it to twist a top back on a bottle? If I had known before I got off, I would have demonstrated for her, using her head as a visual aid.

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One Response to Really crappy day

  1. Karen says:

    Having experienced the same general thing in movie theaters, it occurs to me that she placed herself in peril had you fluffed — I’m just saying…