Leave my food alone!

I am no stranger to food. Food good. But what gets my panties all in a knot these days is how people can’t leave food alone. Why does every new flavor that comes along need to be added to everything else? Ranch flavor, Cajun, liver and onions, it doesn’t matter what, the flavor du jour winds up in chips, dips, cookies, crackers, ice cream, frozen waffles, and I don’t know what else, it all has to be coated with that powdery flavor stuff that sticks to your fingers like nicotine stains.

And if that’s not bad enough, they have to go messing with steak. For God’s sake, steak is perfect the way it is. Just bloody enough that a good vet could put that cow back together. I don’t need ‘toppings’ on a good steak. I don’t need it blacken, crusted, topped, or whatever else you want to call it. And while we are at it, a steak is never, at any stage of cooking, ‘golden brown’. That’s probably the most overused and inaccurate word in cooking today. Some pastries get golden brown, meat does not.

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