A sign from God

I’m driving along one day, minding my own business, and as I come around a curve I see a sign in front of a church. One of those 6 foot by 4 foot signs with the plastic letters so you can change it to  things like, “Weight Watcher’s Fri / Bake Sale Sat”. Only this sign read, “Looking for a sign from God? This is it!”

My first thoughts were, Wow – you would thing God’s signage budget would be somewhat larger.

Then I thought, what if the crazy guy in the car behind me is trying to ignore the voices in his head, and he says to himself, ‘Oh God, give me a sign if I’m suppose to start the killing again!’ And then tragically bad timing brings him around that curve. Ooops.

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2 Responses to A sign from God

  1. Diane says:

    My Darling Dwight, only you would think of this. I have been reading your ramblings this afternoon. It is nice to know that in 40+ years, the Dwight that I know and love is so very consistent. Love you, Baby.

    • Dwight says:

      Love you too sweetie. You know, my mind works in odd ways… and not likely to change at this point.