Son of Little Known Facts

On March 4, 1995, someone actually clicked the link, “I’m under 18, Exit Now”. The Internet was down with the shakes for several hours due to this totally unexpected and unexplained event.  Fortunately, it has never happened again.


No one knows what the best thing was before sliced bread.


The Village Idiot was at one time, a well respected and useful position in the community. This changed quickly when it became a popular amateur event, flooding the field with substandard performance that persists to this day.


The Dali Lama, gets really cheesed when someone sings, “Hello Dali!”


Asking if the Girl Scout Cookies contain real Girl Scouts prompts the troop leaders to write down your license plate.


The Hotdog on a Stick uniform was once exhibit “A” in a class action suit, charging the employer with cruelty to the employee, but the Judge and court room staff couldn’t stop laughing at the uniform long enough to proceed with the case.

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