Working without a net

Recently I’ve been ‘friended’ on FaceBook by a lot of people from my past. High School mostly, and a few of them seem to be surprised that I’m.. well.. odd.  So for those that don’t seem to remember, this is who I am. I found a long time ago, that peculiar works for me, and I’m not prone to fixing something that works.

I will admit, that from time to time, I step across that fine line between reality and the bizarre Disneyland that is my mind, but for the most part, I stay on the line, doing the mental hokey-pokey. I put one foot in, one foot out, one foot in, and sometimes I even shake it all about.

Does that make me crazy? I don’t know, I’m not a doctor, I just play one in my mind, but I do know that I’m happy. So anyone that thinks I’m going to change now, can think again. I’m not going to grow up, and you can’t make me.

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2 Responses to Working without a net

  1. david e bowyer aka santa says:

    that may be the best quote yet as i am a big cat lover. and like you walk the line every day out spoken hell yes .i think if your from fallbrook you have to be. thanks for your web sit god bless the out spoken and line walkers de bowyer