On Becoming Borg

As I travel around on the bus, and see how many people seem addicted to their cell phones and laptops, I can’t help but think that the Borg started with WiFi and Bluetooth in the early days of their history. About the only difference I can see between Borg and Humans is the Borg look at new technology and say, “How can we use this to advance our hold on the Universe?”, and we look at new technology and say, “Wow, this will really help with my porn!”. Other than that, we seem to be on the same path.

One of the Borg things I’d like to have is the built-in eye camera/recorder/transmitter thingie so I can better share the events and people I run into in my travels.

Yes, I know, my cell phone has a camera on it, but you’ll find that most people don’t really care to have strangers take pictures of them. Go figure. It would be much simpler to just record what I see, then up load it. And before any of you jump in to tell me such things exist, eye glasses with built in cameras and the like, I also need to add, I’m pretty cheap. Just because I’d like something, doesn’t mean I’m willing to pay for it. At least not at the prices of today’s gadgets.

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