Free Speech vs. Good Taste


This post contains language and graphics some may find offensive.  If you ignore this warning and read further, don’t get your panties in a bunch and  complain to me about it if you get the vapors.

Free speech – good taste. Wow, that’s a poser. I’m in favor of both, but sometimes they conflict with each other. The other day I saw a young girl, teenager, wearing this shirt. First the front….

Not exactly pornography, but I prefer using that sort of language amongst adults, and sparingly at that. I tend to color my language carefully and skillfully, using profanity as an art form, not from lack of vocabulary. But I’d hate to be a parent with a small child in hand, asking ‘what does fuck mean?’  Don’t get me wrong, I think a parent should be able to answer that and all questions, but it doesn’t help to force the issue early by publicly displaying adult usage words for all to see.

But the part that will probably offend most is the back of the shirt,


Now I’m sure God loves a good joke. He better, or I’m in really, really big trouble. The trouble is, this isn’t even a good joke. It’s pretty lame. About on the level of, ‘what’s that on your shirt? Ha Ha, made you look!’

And also, is Christianity such a hard sell you need to trick people just to get them to look at your ad? I’m not saying it’s a sure sell, I have my own doubts about the whole thing, but that’s for later rants.

But this reminds me of the lame commercials on TV that seem to target the biggest idiots in the world. “Would you like to brush your teeth, but it’s just too difficult? Is your toothbrush just too complicated? Tired of poking it in your eye and ear all the time?”  Then they have actors pretending to swallow their toothbrush, or stab the dog in the ass, or whatever it is you don’t do with a toothbrush. Well now there’s EZ-Brush! The auto toothbrush with safety guides and extra large handle to prevent losing it in your ear! Try that with your old toothbrush!

Okay, maybe it’s not quite like that, but it’s stupid and childish, and just downright vulgar. And I really doubt anyone looks at the back of that shirt, looking for the copulating couple, and had a religious epiphany and conversion like Saul on the road to Damascus.

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