Vanishing Deductible; Brilliant Marketing!

I’m not easily impressed by ads. But this one is so devious it’s amazing. I hope someone got a huge bonus for this bit of tomfoolery.

Vanishing Deductible.

If you aren’t familiar with the ad, here is a link to the web site, and below that, the video of the ad itself.

Wow, what a nice insurance company! And that lucky customer, just think about all the money she is saving! Really? Think again Bucko.  What is the customer saving? A hundred a year? Two hundred the next? No, she’s not saving a dang penny! The only way this ‘offer’ helps her out, is if she has an accident, and then only once, because then the ‘vanishing deductible’ magically reappears!

There’s no mention about an extra charge for this, but the website calls it an ‘optional feature’, so I’m guessing it costs something.

This is even better than the mattress guy telling you he’ll beat any deal or your mattress is freeeee! Think about that one. All he has to do is beat it by a dollar. Think he ever gives a mattress away free? Actually, thanks to another scheme by the mattress industry,  he doesn’t even have to do that, but that’s another post.

Anyway, I really don’t have a point to this post, I just wanted to acknowledge some very clever advertising slight of hand and the audacity of looking people in the face and taking credit for ‘giving’ them nothing at all. Caveat emptor.

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