Nail Alert: Color Change!

As most of you know, if you’ve been following my adventures here, I paint my nails and take the bus around San Bernardino.

It may not be searching for the Temple of Doom, but it keeps me off the streets; well, actually it keeps me on the streets, and out of Joannie’s hair which is much more important. Lately, I’ve not been able to take the bus because of a bad back and that may continue for sometime. The jury is still out on what’s going to be done about it; right now it’s bed rest with pain pills and muscle relaxers so I spend a great deal of time in bed or my recliner chair.  It’s hard on me because I get cabin fever, but it’s worse on Joannie because I get cabin fever.

So with nothing else to do, I’m doing a nail polish experiment. Normally when I do my nails from a fresh start, (bare nails, not just a touch up over old paint) it takes several hours to do a base coat, 2 or 3 color coats, and a top coat or two. I try to allow time between coats to dry, but it really takes overnight for polish to get nice and hard and stand up to the elements. Then after drying and hardening overnight I use a nailbrush and scrub my nails to get any spill over off my fingers.

This time, since I can’t go out anyway, I’m taking much more time, doing one coat a day and letting it fully harden before the next coat. I’m not sure it it will make a difference, or enough to be worth it, but I have the time to try it.

One of the things that spoil an otherwise perfect paint job is those little bubbles that form, sometimes a day or more after you’ve finished. Some people think that’s from shaking the bottle too hard and creating air bubbles, and others say it’s because gas bubbles form in the lower layers and work upwards through the not quite hardened upper layers of polish. I’m hoping by taking my time between coats, I’ll eliminated the bubbles.

Also, just to make it different, I’m leaving my usual color for a bit, and using Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails, Emerald City.

At post time, I seem to have bubble free nails, although it sometimes takes a few days for them to really develop. I doubt I’ll take this long again to do my nails, but it was an interesting experiment.

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