Bloggers: Get New Followers

For those of you with blogs, getting exposure isn’t always easy. You can post on Facebook, and your friends will read your blog, but getting new readers isn’t all that easy. Link exchanges are usually for business type sites and don’t really attract blog readers.

But recently I discovered BlogUpp!, a free link exchange service just for blogs. It takes just a bit of your space, about the same as a banner ad, but all the ‘ads’ are for other blogs.

Acceptance is not instantaneous, as your site needs to be reviewed for content before you are put in the mix. I like this because it means you won’t have spam sites advertising on your blog, just other blogs.

If you are interested in statistics, they are available, albeit you’ll need to validate with some code on your site, and get an OpenID account if you don’t already have one.

All in all, a pretty nice way to get new readers.

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