Silence: Then Speak Up!

Five young men in three weeks have committed suicide as a result of being teased, bullied, and outed for being gay.

Five lives, full of hope and promise, cut far too short is tragic for any reason, but just because of being who they are is simply despicable and evil beyond description. That in the 21st century, gay bashing being tolerated in any country is unthinkable but to happen in the United States is shameful. I don’t care if you like gays or not; this isn’t about being gay, this is about human on human cruelty and it needs to stop.

A few hundred years ago, being left-handed was considered evil and of the devil. Now we don’t think a thing about it. About ten percent of the population is left-handed, and about that same percentage is gay. If society can learn to live with those of us that are ‘wrong-handed’, isn’t there room in our hearts for children that are gay?

I would not like to think in a thousand years, historians note that in the 21st century we had perfected breast transplants, liposuction, Botox injections, and hair transplants, while cancer still killed by the thousands and a portion of our youth found so little support and understanding as to take their own lives.

This evening at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific time, I’m joining with others across the nation in a moment of silence for the five young people that died; Raymond Chase, Tyler Clementi, Seth Walsh, Asher Brown and Billy Lucas.

And after that, I’m going to stop being silent and use every opportunity I have to put light to this dark place in our society. Please share this on your Facebook page and anywhere you can. Thanks.

For more information and ways to help, see The Trevor Project

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