Energy – National Problem, Local Solutions

The department of Interior just announced the first large scale solar energy projects to be built on public lands. The two projects combined will potentially provide power for over half a million homes, and create 1,000 jobs. This is great news, but along with large projects such as these, we need to think on an individual basis as well.

To my thinking it is shameful and irresponsible that all new homes are not built with at least 50 percent of their roof areas covered in solar panels or the equivalent in home wind generators. If builders will not take the lead, then cities should mandate it for new building permits. And all cities, large or small should set aside a portion of city owned land for energy production. The state and federal governments should offer tax incentives to help cover the initial costs and the homeowners will recover and indeed make money in utility savings.

There are a handful of California cities and counties taking the initiative to help solve or lessen our energy problems. San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Berkeley to name a few. Where are the rest? There are almost 500 cities in California alone and more incorporating every year. If you want to be a city, and you don’t have a plan to make it more energy efficient, then go back to your planning committee and start over.

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