Boobs: I just love ’em

** Reposting for Breast Cancer Awareness Month **

The other day on the bus, I was sitting in the first front-facing seat, which on my bus means there is one more sideways seat just in front of that. A young lady got on, sat in the sideways seat, and then dropped her keys on the floor, somewhere under the seat.

She spent the next several minutes on her hands and knees looking for her keys, and much to my delight she was wearing a loose fitting peasant blouse that wasn’t designed for bending over and modesty at the same time.

I won’t go into graphic detail, but the show I got would have been a three drink minimum at your finer gentlemen’s clubs — Or so I assume.

In any case, I now know what I’ll be giving for Christmas presents to all the women I know; Slippery, hard-to-hold key chains.

Just paying it forward.

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2 Responses to Boobs: I just love ’em

  1. Richard says:


    You have the best jokes Dwight! I’m still laughing as I type this.


    • Dwight says:

      Thanks Richard…. that’s my goal… “A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down my pants”