Airport Screening

Lately there has been a lot of press about the new full body screening vs. the hands on, up close and personal pat down. Some people seem to think either one is an invasion of privacy. Yeah, that’s because a search that isn’t a bit of an invasion, isn’t really a search, it’s a casual glance in your general direction and that doesn’t get the job done.

But for those that find the two options just too unbearable, I’ll propose a third one. For an extra fee, say another $50, you get to go in a private room, take off all your clothes that will be scanned and later returned to you. While you are waiting for your clothing, a doctor or nurse practitioner will look you over from head to toe for attached contraband, and then, here’s the best part, men will receive a prostate exam and a hernia check and women a breast exam and pelvic at no additional cost. All this extra attention should only take 30 to 45 extra minutes of your time, but be well worth it to avoid that nasty old scanning machine.

Keep in mind, while most people are free to move about the country as they please, there is no constitutional guarantee to travel by air. If you want to fly, you can buy your own plane, or follow the rules that everyone else does.

In other words; suck it up, walk through the damn scanner, or take the bus.

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2 Responses to Airport Screening

  1. Hugh Betcha says:

    I took a humorous approach to the subject of scanners with Airport Security 101. I’ll be back for more ramblings

  2. Dwight says:

    Thanks Hugh… the idea on your blog is wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Everyone should read Hugh’s link above. If you like my idea, you’ll love his.