Halloween Nails; The Next Generation

Here it is, my favorite holiday again! I’ve gone through several different ideas for my nails this year, and finally decided to try something new and a little out of my comfort zone. How else do we learn?

Step 1: First removed all my old polish. Don’t take that for granted, I’ve seen people just paint over the top of their old polish. Never a good idea, never good results.

Step 2: Since this is my Halloween nail job, I’ve sharpened them into claws. Pretty scary already, right?

Step 3: I always use a base coat to protect my real nails from getting stained with the polish, and it also helps the polish stick to your nails better. Whatever your favorite clear base coat is, should be fine.

Step 4: Three coats of Sally Hansen’s black Hard as Nails. I could stop right here. I think the black looks great, especially with my pointed claws. But wait, that’s not all!!




Here’s where it gets tricky and you’ll need some help. Fortunately I have Joannie, my lovely assistant standing by to be my third and forth hands.



Step 5: As you can see, it involves a bowl of water and two or more colors of polish, in this case, purple and orange. The idea is to float a color or two on the surface, and gently swirl a random design into the floating glob. As we proceeded to the swirling part, it didn’t work as I hoped, but we kept on. What else is a boy and his sweetie to do on a Friday morning?



Step 6: Dip your finger into the water, and under the glob of polish, then gently lift your finger out of the water taking the design with it. Use a wet brush or cotton swab to squeeze out any or most of the bubbles if needed and let it dry. Don’t try to re position once it’s on. If it comes out bad, just redo the nail or live with it. Remember they are all random, so it can’t really be wrong.

Step 7: Let dry naturally, or with a blow dryer or fan. Don’t try to clean your fingers until it’s pretty dry. Once they are, use soap and a nail brush to clean all the crap off your fingers, then use a good clear top coat to seal the whole job and add protection.

Honestly, I guess I expected something else than what I got, but I’m not unhappy. It was good for a learning experience, but I don’t think I’ll do the float method again. Live and learn.


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2 Responses to Halloween Nails; The Next Generation

  1. I love the water marbling effect that you and Joannie created…they look great!

    • Dwight says:

      Thanks Rachel… we may try it again…. I saw some videos that pointed out a few things to do differently… practice makes perfect. 🙂