Christmas Nails, 2011 – First set

As I begin writing, it’s Thanksgiving Day in the United States, and since Santa Claus showed up at the end of Macy’s Parade, we get to have a Christmas this year! Most of you know that Joannie will not hang one ornament, sing one carol, or even think about decking any halls until the big guy himself brings up the rear in the parade.

So that means I can start working on my Christmas nails! I’ve been giving it a lot of thought this year, and I realized I won’t be able to settle on one design, so I’m just going to have one after the other until I either find one I like the best, or we run out of polish, or it becomes the new year and I have to change holiday themes.

This first set was loosely inspired by the Radio City Rockettes. I liked the way they alternated red and green costumes during their last performance, so that’s what I did with my nails. I have to confess, I used a lot of different brands this time; China Glaze, for the green, white crackle, and glitter, Sally Hansen for the red, and the silver and gold tips under the glitter are by BarryM in the United Kingdom. For that I need to thank my good friend Rachel Edwards in Cardiff, Wales. If you are ever in the UK, stop in for some very nice nails and a spray tan! Tell her Dwight sent you, and you’ll get her regular price.  🙂

I’m pretty happy with how these nails look, but the next set will not be quite so complicated. I have several more Christmas ideas floating around in my headbone and about a month to try them.

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One Response to Christmas Nails, 2011 – First set

  1. Dwight they look fab, I love the sprinkle of glits you have at the tips, it makes a nice touch!

    Look forward to the next design xx