Product Review: Blaze UV Color Changing Nail Polish

Today’s test and review is Blaze™ Color Changing Nail Polish, using Pulsating Blue (indoor color) to Festive Green (outdoor color).

I’m not sure if this really fits into my Christmas theme, but it is pretty festive, so what the heck. And besides, I just couldn’t wait to try my new polish by Solar Active International®. I ordered on line, and had my polish in two days. Blaze™ is available in over 50 colors from bold and bright to subdued and classy.  They even have a top coat that go from clear to red, and another that changes from clear to black so you can use whatever color underneath or just have plain nails for your inside look. That would be really nice for office work when you don’t want to look too fancy but you’re ready to rock as soon as you get outside in the sunlight.

I always have a harder time applying glitter polish, and my first coat was a bit uneven and and spotty, but that’s what I expect from glitter; maybe it’s the glitter, maybe it’s just me. The second coat looked much better and seemed to cling to the previous layer, and probably would have been fine if I had stopped at two coats, but I added a third coat just because I have trouble at good enough and once the OCD catches hold, who knows what I’ll do. Perhaps I’ve said too much about that.

I am very pleased with the results, both colors (inside and outside) look great. I tried to get a picture of both together by keeping one hand in my pocket until just before the shot, but the color difference from blue to green didn’t really show up in the photo. However, it did change to green after just a few minutes in the sun. The other colors that have a greater difference would probably show better. Of course the idea isn’t to display the differences in real life, so it’s not really an issue. I’ll be trying the other colors I have sooner or later, and when I do I’ll write about those as well. I am thinking ahead about the clear to black top coat, even as I write.

Finally, I want to again thank my professional nail friend from the UK, Rachel Edwards for telling me about Blaze™ in the first place. She’s been quite a supporter and I think Solar Active would do well to place a nice selection of colors in Rachel’s shop just for the exposure in the UK. (Was that too subtle of a hint?)


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