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New Nails for the New Year!

Just a quick update. I again tried to water marble my nails, and didn’t like the results. So I just went crazy on them and I’m calling the results my “Jackson Pollock” nails.   With apologies to Mr. Pollock.

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Long Lasting Nails: Nurture or Nature?

One of the things I love about polishing my nails is all the new little facts and techniques I pick up, just reading others posts and talking to people who ask about my nails. Editor’s Note: I’m going to mention that … Continue reading

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Christmas Nails – The Saga Continues…

This is my 3rd set of nails since Thanksgiving Day, and probably my last until after Christmas unless some disaster such as a broken nail should happen. I would like to dedicate this set to my UK friend, Rachel Edwards, of Glam … Continue reading

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