Long Lasting Nails: Nurture or Nature?

One of the things I love about polishing my nails is all the new little facts and techniques I pick up, just reading others posts and talking to people who ask about my nails.

Editor’s Note: I’m going to mention that the following story rambles a bit, but there is a point to it all, and a question at the end. If you want to skip to the question, it’s down a few paragraphs, I won’t be offended.
A little over a week ago, I was at a party at a friend’s house, and met a very nice lady, (Hiya Jennifer!) who happens to work for Minx and we had a great discussion about Minx versus polish. Of course it’s hard to beat the look of Minx or duplicate the intricate designs, but the subject of how long it lasts came around and Jennifer said that her Minx nails lasted up to 2 weeks. Here is a quote, directly from the MinxNails.com web site.

Minx lasts…
Same as polish, or longer. 4 – 8 days on anyone’s fingernails, even a dog groomer, and 1 – 2 weeks on many.

So I surprised her a lot when I told her, my nails usually last 2 weeks or longer and I finally either get tired of them or they grow out so far the back edge looks bare and funny.

To be fair, I’m retired and don’t do a lot of work with my hands. But I do dishes without gloves and most normal things a person does. I am careful to not use my nails as tools and I don’t bite or pick at them and I rub vitamin E oil on them once a week or so. I don’t consider that over protective care, yet I seldom get a chip or pop off during the lifespan of my current set. Jennifer opined that it was hormonal, and that men just naturally have better nails and therefore the polish lasts longer, but due to current fashion, very few men benefit from that because they don’t use polish.

So here’s the question. See, I told you there would be a question. Is Jennifer correct, do men just normally have nails that take polish better, or stronger, or whatever factor leads to a long lasting polish? Or, is a 2 week polish job not really that strange?

Brand new

10 Days Later

These pictures are from two different cameras, and the focus on the latter set didn’t come out that great, but I think you can see that all the polish is still there, except for the growth at the base of my nails. I guess my point is, whatever the reason, I’m very grateful I don’t have to polish them every 4 or 5 days. I doubt I’d keep it up if that were the case. You ladies sure go to a lot of trouble to become beautiful. I’m sure glad mine is mostly natural. 🙂




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5 Responses to Long Lasting Nails: Nurture or Nature?

  1. Diane says:

    Question, Sweetie. Are they your natural nails? Or are they acrylic or some other artificial nail? My natural nails, seldom keep polish for more than a couple of days. But when I had acrylics or gel, the polish would generally last for a couple of weeks, even when I was working for the water district. However, I recently tried the peel off and press on polish, and that lasted me for over a week before it started to look bad. I liked that, but it is a little expensive, as compared to just polish. A fill at the nail salon would cost about the same as keeping that stuff on my nails. But is is nice for a special occasion, and requires no dry (smudge LOL) time.

  2. Dwight says:

    Good question, I should have been more specific. These are the nails I came equipped with, standard issue. I’ve never wanted acrylics, but I may try gel one day… but I donno, since I’m getting 2 weeks or more from plain polish, maybe I’ll just stay with what is working.

  3. Hi Dwight, loving this article!

    Do you use a top and base coat with your polishes? I find that polish lasts longer for me depending on wether I have used these, and also what I have layered on with my polishes – for example paints or glitters. It can also be down to a persons natural nail chemistry, we all have different types of natural nail plate with different chemical levels that rpoduce oils and such, this will also affect how long polish lasts. It can differ between each individual becasue of this. Hope this helps !

  4. Dwight says:

    Hi Rachel, thanks! Yes, I always use a base coat and top coat and between paint jobs I try to keep my nails smooth at the edges with a fine emery sponge.. I think that might help prevent the tiny cracks that turn into chips and flakes.

  5. You are welcome 😉 Base and top coat is a great way to keep our nails free from polish stains and also for lasting the job out… keeping them smooth at the edges is also a great tip, it is no wonder that your nails are so healthy and your polish lasts well.. you take very good care of them x