Product Review: HeadBlade – For those that shave their headbones

Those that have known me for a while, have seen a full range of hair styles on me, from past my shoulders to shaved smooth. Around the edges that is, since the top started going bald in high school.

Lately I have been doing the billiard ball look… Well, if a billiard ball had eyes and a beard… you get the idea. Anyway, the reason for this post is to introduce you to my newest discovery, HeadBlade®, the razor system designed for shaving heads.

I know, it looks a lot like a little Hot Wheels car, and if you want to go vrooom, vrooom as you run it over your head, I’m sure no one will mind. But despite the humorous look, it really does slick your scalp better and faster than a regular razor.

With that said, let me caution you, it does take a bit of learning. The website has a lot of training videos that you may find helpful, but the main thing is to follow the printed instructions that come with your HeadBlade.

If none of that helps, think of it like this. Stand in the shower and soap your head. Now run your hands over it in long, even strokes, thinking, “Gee, my head is so smooth and soft. I really love touching my head.” Uhh, not that I do that, ever… but those are the motions you want with the HeadBlade, long, even strokes, keeping the rear wheels on ‘the ground’, i.e. your scalp, and leading with the blade, never pulling it in the rear.

If you follow the directions you’ll get a close, smooth shave, with few if any nicks.

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