Solar Oil – Product Review

Lots of people ask me about my nails. Usually the questions are along the lines of, “What did you do that for?” But the ladies usually ask, “How do you get your nails to grow? Mine break off short all the time!” Apparently having long nails makes me an expert, so I tell them, first, stop biting them, duh. And second, Rub vitamin E oil on them a few nights a week.  Then their little eyes light up like Christmas in the Ozarks, and off they go to get vitamin E oil, or perhaps to tell their husbands about the weird guy with the nails, or maybe both.

But from now on, my advice will be a little more specific. First, stop biting, duh. And second, use CND’s Solar Oil a few nights a week.

Before I heap praises on this newly found product, I should thank the wonderful ladies at for their advice and information about Solar Oil. This site is mainly for licensed beauty professionals so I don’t have a lot to add there, but the ladies (and a few guys) are happy to help the rest of us mortals in their non professional advice section.

The first thing you’ll notice about Solar Oil, is the light scent of almonds. It really makes me want to hold my fingers close to my nose as I massage my nail beds, but the aroma is very subtle and goes away quickly so it won’t conflict if you use perfume or cologne or some other stink-better product.

Second, you’ll feel the difference; Solar Oil has a light and smooth texture, it feels warm as you rub it in, not greasy at all.

And lastly, you’ll notice… where the heck did it go? Solar Oil actually soaks into your skin and nails. One minute you are rubbing on oily skin, and the next, just soft and smooth skin, no oil at all!  I’m told it has something to do with the smaller molecule of the jojoba oil and blah blah blah. No one cares how, just that it works great.

CND doesn’t test its products on animals, although if they did, those critters would look stunning!

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