Product Review – Zoya Polish

This is my first experience with Zoya Nail Polish, but I guarantee it won’t be my last. Zoya is not cheap, nor should it be. It is however a great value for the quality you get at about $8 per bottle. The color ranges they offer are amazing, and if you can’t find the color you need, then you are much picker than I am, and that’s pretty dang picky. Lighten up, put your feet up, have a cup of tea, and breathe deeply until you forget why you’re doing this in the first place. Always works for me.

The polish goes on smooth and even, and dries fairly quickly. The Zoya website gives good information about the colors, describing them in detail and even rating the Intensity, from (1 – Sheer) to (5 – Opaque).  If you don’t trust the website for colors, (monitors vary) then you can order a ‘color spoon’; a clear plastic nail shaped spoon with the actual polish for 50 cents each, shipping is free. Fifty cents seems a bit high per sample, until you read that you get the full amount discounted off your next order. So if you order 20 spoons it will cost you $10, but you get a discount code for that same amount good for the next 6 months. This is a great way to discourage people that just love ordering free stuff and never intending to place an order, but it makes it easier for those needing to match colors exactly.

Here are my Zoya nails, using the color ‘Tart’, a really nice blue, and ‘Trixie’ a very shiny silver for my ring finger, or “accent nail”. Not bad for an old guy with no real training, just like doing my nails.

The only problem I see with Zoya is they don’t ship overseas. That’s unfortunate as many of my manicurists friends are from the UK.  I think Zoya would be well served to consider at least selling to professionals in the UK. I’m sure my friend Rachel Edwards, a highly regarded nail artist in Wales would be a wonderful spokesperson if she were sent a few samples and set up with a professional account. Or you can contact Rachel on Twitter at @GlamGlamNails.

Now I’m off to visit the Zoya website again, this time to pick out my polish for my wedding. We found a nice shirt today, and I want to match it.



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3 Responses to Product Review – Zoya Polish

  1. Hey Dwight, these colours look fab and the discount for ordering colour spoons is amazing!

    There are a couple of UK stockists for Zoya so I can order these polishes – not so sure we get the great discount when ordering the spoons though sadly.

    Have you heard of Manglaze? This is a US based nail polish with a tough matt effect exterior. There is a UK stockist for this also – just the one but sheesh its expensive here :O If you give it a try let me know how that is too 🙂

    • Dwight says:

      Thanks Rachel, you are always very sweet and supportive. Check about those spoons with your supplier, because the information isn’t very easy to find on the Zoya site as well. It’s hidden in the FAQs and I missed it the first time around. When I do a product review, I try to get all the info I can, so that’s when I found that little piece of good news.

      No, I haven’t heard of Manglaze, but that will be my next Google search! I always love your advice and suggestions. Thanks again for your comments. 🙂

  2. Ah you are so very welcome Dwight. I am off now to have a look into the Zoya spoons thing and see what I can find, thanks for the tip 🙂 x