My Morning with Truman

Yesterday I was privileged to spend a morning with my new friend Truman. Truman is quite the conversationalist and has much to say, to those that stop to listen.

Truman told me, with his bright and shining smile, about his loving family, about their infinite patience and how happy he is to be so loved and protected.

With his furrowed brow, he told me he doesn’t understand everything yet, but he’s working on it. When Truman pick up an object, or turns it over, or places it in a pile, he’s not being idle, he is figuring out life.

Truman told me and showed me how he literally ‘thinks outside the box’ by demonstrating some of the many ways of opening a toy box. There is the traditional lid on top method that most of us assume is the only one. Truman knows a box opens just as well with the lid on the bottom, or on the side. Truman knows he can peek into the box thought the hole on the side, and then he taught his giraffe how to look out of the hole on the side to have a look around. Truman understands boxes better than most of us.

One day Truman may look at a wheel and ignore the conventional advice and re-invent it. What a wonderful wheel that will be!

He told me that the passage of time doesn’t plod along minute by minute for him. Sometimes Truman take a minute and stretches it into hours, such as during a hug. Truman is a world class hugger. No Hollywood air kisses and fist bumps for him, he is a full contact hugger. When Truman hugs you, he means it, or he just doesn’t bother.

Sometimes the minutes all happen at once for Truman, and it is a challenge. So for a bit he turns the world off and hides his face and lets the world slow down to a better pace, and then a minute or two later, our minutes, I’m not sure how long it seems to Truman, he’s back discovering the world, making it a better place to live, just by being here.

Truman has a lot to tell us, now and in the future. Blessed at those that can hear and will listen.

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