Autism – We just don’t know yet

Let me start saying I’m no where close to qualified to talk about autism, but I’m going to anyway. I do not mean to offend, anger, or embarrass anyone, I’m just talking. Perhaps I’m talking out of my butt, it wouldn’t be the first time. My only experience with an autistic person is my young friend Truman, and sadly I’ve only had a couple of times to be with him, for a few short hours. I’ve heard the expression, if you know a person with autism, you know one person with autism. Which means, you don’t know them all, and don’t make assumptions for all based on the one you know.  Good advice for anyone really, fill in the race or gender or whatever. We are all different, and thank God for that.

Here comes the part where I don’t know anything, but a thought has been bouncing around in my headbone for a few days and I want to get it out in the open. I have many thoughts not worth the time it takes to tell them, and this may be one of them, or maybe not. Time will tell.

When I talk to Truman, and play with him, and watch his eyes and listen to him talk, I just can’t describe him as defective. Different to be sure, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with him. I wonder, are we watching the beginnings of an evolutionary step in humanity? I’m sure that’s where I lost a lot of you, but I am serious in my question. I don’t know. None of us really know. We do know that autism is on the rise, and no one seems to know why. Might we be witness to a quantum leap in human thinking, that just hasn’t worked out all the bugs yet?

Like I said, I’m  no expert, and no genius, but I have a feeling that Truman just may be a genius of a whole new order and with the love and patience he receives from his wonderful family, I expect amazing things from him. He might cure cancer, write a beautiful symphony, or just be the joy of his family’s life. I know he’s already accomplished the last one, but give him time. Truman has more to say and do in his life time. I count myself privileged to  have him for a friend. Some day a biographer may interview me and ask what it was like knowing Truman as a child. I’ll point them to this post, and I think that will do.

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