Copyrights and Disclaimers

Everything posted to this blog is considered original material and copyrighted by Dwight Jenkins. Even stuff I blatantly steal and use as my own. Let the courts sort it out after I’m dead like Michael Jackson and his kids. Also, I don’t plan to do a lot of editing so if I mix a metaphor or dangle a participle, I’ll probably just let it dangle.

Some or all of the content is fictional, intended to be humorous, although I don’t always succeed in that effort. I’ll let you try to sort out the fact from fiction, but don’t ask me to confirm or deny.

Some content was originally published circa 2007 under my pseudonym, Oily Homer, at the infamous, Nobody Loves Oily Homer blog.

In spite of this publication being generally satirical, I do consider it to fall under the definition of journalism, and as such I retain and assert all first amendment rights, privileges, and protections as provided in the United States Constitution.

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